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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  September 25, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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we're going to talk about that with our gift, the they archdiocese of new york hoping is praying this visit of the pope will reinvigorate the catholic church, let's listen in see if we can hear comments and squeals, maybe a word or 2 from the pope. >> take a picture, oh, i can't see. >> take a picture. >> i love hearing this.
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to see him interact with the crowd, and the look of joy on the faces of those streeting him, and his face as well. >> that one word, joy. a part of the catholic church that is often overlooked, it is a ga joyful religion. again you can see, this is a guy just about to turn 79, he has been through the rigors that we don't have to go over with you again since he has arrived. he has been nonstop. look at the joy. i have never seen him so enthusiastic. >> absolutely. all right, here with us now. fox news, executive vice president john moody. by ofgraph -- biography of popen
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paul ii. we keep going, we have jack with us, jonathan former secret service agent, thank you to you all for joining us. john to you first. your thoughts. >> i think it has been a great day for the pope, i think he probably has seen things here in new york he has before seen before. in his 78 years, it has been a mixture of being in front of the world body, the united nations, now, look at this, just look at contrast, how happy he is, how it feels, he is among people, he is a pope who makes contact, almost physical contact with people that he comes in touch with you can see the difference in his expression, he was almost painted while addressing the united nations, and now he looks
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relaxed. >> father, he is surrounded, we should never forget by americans this say pope who grew up in latin america, argentina in particular. who are not big fans of americans, but having been here, for the past 5 or 4 days, and being experiencing all that new york and work work, at least have -- and washington at least have to offer, which is get to a bit. quite a bit, i wonder how this trip has changed pope, in particular his attitude. >> his address before congress yesterday, indicates anything, pope francis thinks highly of the united states and the american people. and our american history and heritage. >> look at this, i am sorry a woman just leaped out to him, and embraced him in a fit of love.
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>> i was going to say, just, in his speech yesterday before congress, the pope recognized that there are 4 examples of american historical figures, he mentioned abraham lincoln, martin luther king, dorothy day, and thomas meart tom
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do not mob him or swarm him. he is not used to hob nobbing with powerful political leaders, i think that is appealing to people, making him human, in a weird way, probably gives him more clout in the room. >> john moody, it seems bright to call the pope a ceo but he is a head of a huge institution, we saw cardinal timothy dolan.
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head of new york. they had problem, in 1 there ae now half of the priests in new york that there were in 1970 1970s. >> there have been a lot of churches that have gone under, including the church associated with this school he is visiting now in harlem. how does the church turn, that could pope francis be a part of that. >> you just saw 7 minutes of that, you have to have leader, a face of pope francis that comes out, walks on the streets, touches out, and takes selfies and is willing to expose himself, spirit wally and physically to people. >> let's listen in. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ speaking in spanish ] >> the lord is with thee,
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blessed are thou among women. >> the hail mary. >> holy mary, mother of god, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death, amen. >> they are speaking spanish to the pope [ speaking in spanish ] >> melissa, i said when he was making gestures, he looks like he was 10 years younger than he was there morning. >> i hate to talk over what is going on. it is very hard to hear. you heard them just now praying
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the hail mary together. this is our lady queen of angels school, they are hoping for a miracle, this is one of the parishes that was shuttered the church with the church. this school, those are students there he is meeting with my grands and -- my grands and refugees from mexico, and making point here to reach out to all cultures. here in the u.s., on his business. >> this is a model of our -- this is the water. for the vegetables and the flowers.
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for all of the green plants. [ speaking in spanish ] >> they are walking around, showing him different projects that aring going on in the classroom, the students are explaining the projects, he is admiring them. >> what a prud proud moment, ar the parents, we should emphasis, that cost of tuition at a parochial school in new york is nowhere near as private, but more than public, it is $6,000 a year for parochial school in new york, imagine if you make $40,000 a year, that is what a lot of the parents of these kids make, after taxes, maybe $20,000, a lot of these parents are paying about half of their take home
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pay or theiric pendingible income on their kids going to school. these kids are dedicated. we know a lot of these kids from their background their parents made tremendous sacrifice, if you want to find a more dedicated group of students in america, you are not going to find them, but then in a parochial school in new york. >> absolutely. all right, we're going to take this moment to slip away take a quick break, coming up our harlem. of the hop pope in had speaking to immigrants and refugees. he will go to madison square garden tonight, he will be holding mass for a crowd of about 20,000. >> we're live at white house for two of today's top stories, first propofol rolling out red carpet for his chinese counterpart. and amid accusation of cyber spying, and market
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kids at our lady queen ofsiting angels school in harold element john moody, who was just on with us. said this is a pope who went to the united nations, spoke before congress, and he was at the white house, this is probably the highlight of his tour. you can see it in his face, in happieressions, he is happy
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than i have seen him since he arrived here, this may be high light of the story. later this hour, he the meet with immigrants and refugees in this school, we'll continue to bring you these pictures throughout the hour. we're going to be following other stories as well. >> other big story we're following right now. it was exit on capito capitol l throwing congress into a tailspin, speaker john boehner announcing he will resign. from his position as speaker of the house in october. ahead of a crucial deadline to prevent a government shut down, peter barnes with updates from washington, d.c. >> reporter: the speaker of caught between a rock and a hard place on this, one hand very conservative republicans in his caucus demanding that
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funding for planned parenthood be stripped from any budget deal to prevent a government shut down, and they were demanding, that then, threatening that if he did not do that, they would kick him out as speaker, they would vote him out, it sounds like he had enough of this struggle, he said today he did not want to put house through this kind of leadership turmoil. and decided this morning to call it quits. >> turmoil that has been churning for a couple of months is not good for the members and the institution, and if i was not planning to leaving here soon, i can tell you, i would not have done this. >> reporter: now, president obama was asked about this today, and he had kind words for john boehner calling him a good man, but also said he
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hopes he can work with the next speaker. >> my hope is there is a recognition on the part of the next speaker. something i think that john understood, even though at times it was challenges to bring his caucus along that we can have significant differences on issues but that doesn't mean you shut down the government. >> reporter: but mayner will stay -- boehner will stay on the job through the end of october, suggesting he may want to work out something to government funding front, to prevent a government shut down. that will allow time for the transition to a new speaker to begin. >> all right, peter thank you so much for that. >> here with me now for more, rory cooper, former speaker for contor. -- betsy, i want to go to you first, we have a producer, at
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fox news, who is one of the smartest inside of the beltway kind of guys, i don't want to get too much into political weeds of washington, he suggests this deal may not end the possibility of a government shut down, that next wednesday, when the first vote comes up for a continuing regular, which would -- resolution which would keep funding going it may be a test for the new speaker in which case it may be a platform for people to say we should not fund planned parenthood. is that possible? >> i think so, as always, i think chad is right on the money on this one, look. the next speaker, is going to have to wrangle conservatives in the house of representatives, and he or sheer will have to court their vote, and their support, the fact is that particular continuing resolution vote that is coming up is no longer just about people signals for
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general election but different competitors, to be next speak r speaker. are we going to be really conservative or tax more to middle, more conciliatory, it will be such an exciting week. jim: >> you can't avoid politics in the beltway, rory, will the house republicans become more or less united as a result of boehner stepping down? >> well, you know, the old saying about owning a boat, the best days are the first day and the last day. you can see speaker boehner was happy today, i think that the next speaker coming in likely to be kevin mccarthy will do a great job, is well prepared to do it. he will have a period where he will be able to start to coalesce. i don't think that first test will be this cr, i think that this is prebaked, we have 3 month cr through the end of the year, let's days it, leverage for republicans and defunked
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planned parenthood right now is weak. >> we have 3 guests, christian, we're up against a hard break, you know what that is like, next time you are here, i am starting with you. >> jack, and betsy and christian, we'll be right back. ♪ is it the insightful strategies and analytical capabilities that make edward jones one of the biggest financial services firms in the country? or is it 13,000 financial advisors who take the time to say thank you? 'night jim. gonna be a while? i am liz got a little writing to do. ♪ it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. can a a subconscious. mind? a knack for predicting the future.
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in the gymnasium. spanish harlem. very far upper east side of manhattan. not only this country bit of course was happening in europe. the motorcade throughthe motorcade through central park and down central park west if you know manhattan. it is a thoroughfare. let's just listen the 2nd.
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[applause] david: we thought he might play a little soccer. soccer is the number one. this is so they need. migrants and refugees from mexico.
4:31 pm
mothers. that's why we see the soccer uniforms and players are. you have to have a ticket to stand in the street and wave at him. let me bring back some of our group. we have father gogo and father long been as well. let me go to you first.1st the importance of his emphasis on immigration, of course, it is a hot button topic in the united states
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but has become one in europe as well. will he have any affect on what happens in europe with the immigration flows? >> it is a good question. i don't know what he has addressed with the european leaders, the unfolding immigration problem. he addressed himself at the white house as an immigrant come as a son of immigrants to argentina and recognized are acknowledged our own history, the united states history as a country of immigrants. the pope emphasizes over again part of the christian life, part of living as human beings is simply to welcome the neighbor and recognize a stranger 1st.
4:33 pm
bring a representative in. new york more than any city in the world is an example of the melting pot that america is in general. our history is one of immigration from the original programs to came, the dutch you settled, the english you settled after, and the irish, latin americans, africans, etc. itit may well be that the pope rather than being the lecture of two americans about accepting immigration may be the learner in this case and realize something about america and new york in particular that he did not know. >> maybe. we are doing some soul-searching in america right now on the subject of immigration. i heard all kinds of banks.
4:34 pm
why has he not said more about the treatment toward christians all around the world, all sorts of things. things. since he has been here, we are seeing these images. it is not the job of the pope to carry our political baggage around with him but his job to further the message of jesus christ, which is relentless charity, relentless love. this is an excellent day to be a catholic in america command i say that is a mildly jealous protestant. >> that is what it is all about. >> the pope, his visit to the united states is not only galvanized american catholics people who were
4:35 pm
activists work causes or believers in the passion and motivation that goes beyond the day-to-day advocates your belief that we should pursue a particular policy objective. dominate and bring our political system to aa halt, but through his visit and through his interpretation of those issues all the agencies will solve problems and be more compassionate and humanitarian toward our fellow humans. >> first off, i think she is saying saying some of the vibrancy often times we focus on the negative schools closing, parishes closing i hope he is able to
4:36 pm
go back and think he is learning now he can go back and see a different side of the church, the joy and what animates so much of catholic life, and here at the ground level often times we think that catholicism is what the pope is doing. but for most people catholicism is what is going on in their parishes. that is where we see the life and vibrancy. >> i would ask you, people outside the faith were talking about exposure. sometimes they view it as a somber and severe religion. when you see the pope joyful going around greeting people
4:37 pm
, and the generosity and the softness and the warmth of spirit, dospirit, do you think that exposes non-catholics to a different side of the religion? >> there is something of an unfair caricature of the christian or catholic life in particular that is somber, rule-based, always someone looking over your shoulder worrying if you're having a good time. in itsin its essence that is not the christian faith, not the catholic faith that we teach and catholic moral teaching, that we are made ultimately for happiness in this life, even as we struggle with conversion, sinfulness, but we are promised through as the end of the struggle and conversion a life of happiness in god, and a child sharing in god's happiness which even though we receive a foretaste.
4:38 pm
happiness, joy is the end, the purpose of our life, the purpose of the commandments, all of the teachings of the church. sometimes we are instructed us christians and catholics to say no to something in order that we can say a greater yes to is true, good, beautiful, love god and our neighbor in a joyful and generous spirit. david: i'm wondering, you see the kids go to catholic school, what impressed us was that a lot of the kids, kids, as many as half or not catholic. they were minority children whose parents cared so much that they were willing to spend half of their disposable income in order to get there kids to a good school. that was the only option they had because public
4:39 pm
school was not considered to be an option. do you think they're may be a softening toward catholic parochial schools as a result? >> in urban areas all across the country, typically and often parochial schools were a much better option compared to some public school options. for people who wanted to provide their children a better opportunity through education, parochial school served a critical role in developing a lot of opportunity for people who ascended to the middle class. that is a parta part of our history that many people do now and is one of the reasons why scandals attached to the church have been so painful, not just for lifelong catholics but for people who have been test a way to get a high
4:40 pm
quality education for not quite the price of the independent private schools. do you think it sheds light on the education system? >> they get scholarship money. very generous and encouraging of these immigrant families to get the kids into the schools. it's an important reminder of the extent to which they catholic churches a church of immigrants.
4:41 pm
pew data from 2014 said out of every tenten american catholics, for our immigrants are the children of immigrants. these schools play an important role of understanding catholic and american culture and from a cultural perspective there is so much value. >> i do not mean to interject politics, but i will do so for a 2nd. the whole question of vouchers and whether or not the good that these catholic schools do in america outweighs any kind of impingement upon people's views of church and state in their intersection and whether vouchers is a greater concern, do you think this might soften some people on whether vouchers is the way to go?
4:42 pm
even if it is a parochial school? >> it might. it should warm some people to the subject. it is hard for some people to understand just how competitive it is to send kids to school like you do in a normal town. here you have got to find somewhere. you have good private schools that are expensive. some of these catholic schools can get she that high quality education for less money and help bridge the gap. it is a vital service, and if you have aa family on the fence about their faith and suddenly have a school-age kid, that can bring you back to church in a hurry. liz: terrific point. david: more when we continue with our coverage of the pope in new york in just a minute. liz: and look at those lines , not to see the pope, the latest to get an iphone. whyiphone. why this could be a record-breaking weekend for
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♪ liz: in the meantime president obama meeting with the chinese president. discussing controversial issues. despite the president saying they had made progress they did not go into details about what exactly that means. the latest from the white house. >> reporter: always nice to speak with you, and you are right. frankly have been talking about cyber security since the president came to the us , what a lot of people are calling the cyber war front. all levels of business and government. the chinese are engaged in using cyber tools to spy on us companies as well as the government, but mostly the companies for profit. the president said that that
4:47 pm
must stop. >> i raise once again serious concerns about growing cyber threats to american companies and citizens. i indicated that it must stop. the unitedstop. the united states government does not engage in cyber economic espionage for commercial gain. >> you heard that right. for commercial gain. that is the big problem. you do not want your intellectual property to be stolen and then replicated in china and resold all over the globe. the two leaders today, also agree that they would get together at least twice annually beginning in 2016 to discuss cyber security and cyber crime. liz: we will see. >> yes, we will. david: coming up, back to east harlem where the pope is addressing immigrants before he leaves in a motorcade.
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massivemassive crowds have gathered, particularly central park. 80,000 people are waiting along the route from which she will travel from east harlem to madison square garden. the latest live in a moment. ♪ have you ever thought, "i could never do that"? have you ever thought... you just didn't have anything left in the tank? well - you do. because the courage is already inside. awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks.
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liz: the pope right here wrapping up his address to immigrants. he will be headed to his motorcade next. he will make his way from there to central park where tens of thousands are eagerly awaiting his arrival in his iconic open-air vehicle. you mentioned before, they were lottery off some tickets to stand in some spots along the way in central park. this is a hot ticket. and they have been out there for hours.
4:52 pm
we had to arrive around 11. they were not going to let anyone in any longer. david: no one does lotteries better than the catholic church. >> it's fair. parents getting the tickets. david: that was cardinal timothy dolan with the pink, someone who exemplifies joy and the joy in the love of a good beer and a good cigar. the way for the apple iphone six as in the iphone success plus. well, that wait is over. all of the new bells and whistles are installed. a new 3 d touch system. the lines have been long. checking out the crowds at an apple store on michigan avenue in chicago.
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>> the line is as short as it has been all day. lots of good news. not as exciting. that is where tim cook surprisingly showed up at an apple store. a lot of people surprised to see him, but happy that he was there overseeing the whole thing. essentially a flash mob, a bunch of crazy people, the 1st sold to a sprint customer. you can get a sprint apple phone for aa dollar a month with heavy restrictions. the 1st guy who got a phone at this store in chicago, i guy who is an app developer and says she has 800 apps on his phone and
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this year there were shorter lines but probably only because a lot of people were allowed to preorder. >> we have seen it slow down because they are doing preorders. hearing them talk, what they are saying is, they are seeing more orders sell. we miss the fun surrounded by the whole waiting two days in line, everybody doing all of that. i hope that does not go away. >> i would have thought maybe the bloom was off of the rose on this, but not so much. people linedmuch. people lined up, and i can report everyone coming is getting a phone. they have not run out of them yet. david: how much of a paying?
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>> that is going do it for us, david? >> what a wonderful trip he's had so far. we can only imagine what's ahead. we continue on the story, "risk & reward" starts now. >> we are bringing you the very latest, pope francis leaving a new york city school in harlem where the kids are cheering, waving out the door of his little if ia. he's about to leave for mass at madison square garden for 18,000 people, but before he gets there, he's going to travel through central park and see 80,000 people who have won a lottery to watch the pope travel through central park. we will bring it to you live as soon as he heads there. you can see him waving good-bye to the kids at our lady queen of


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